There is no hospitality like Bavarian Hospitality. When one lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth and within one of the most gracious cultures on earth, one tends to be genuinely a pleasure to deal with.

The family owned and operated Tour Operator,

The best of Bavarian warmth and hospitality all while evoking that German sense of efficiency.

BEER TRAVEL & TOURS is a full service receptive operator. They pay special attention to detail and can customize an unforgettable itinerary for you in many different areas such as beer and baroque, wine and culinary, fine arts and culture, Christmas, pilgrimage or spa.

An exclusive operator of the Bavarian Crystal Road,
BEER TRAVEL & TOURS can allow you to experience the time-cherished traditions of German glass and crystal making. Tours include first-hand looks into the making of some of the world´s finest glass and crystal. Tours of the Crystal Road are also great for purchasing glass and crystal and offer excursions into the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest, a nearby attraction of the Crystal Road.
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